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  1. Reasons

From the recording Proper Goodbye

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Lyrics by: Petrina Foley

I played the part, I stole the show
I hit it hard, and it broke the mold
Revealing a cunning kind
As straight as an arrow
As sharp as a knife
You had me going so
So down low, yet up so tall
Forcing on love, burning tears
That only I cried

Battling wars in my life
For reasons
That I cannot disclose
Now I’ve got my,
I’ve got my freedom
I lifted weights that piled high
I feel alright
I feel alright

What was it that did me in
Why did I, why did I give in
For so long
Your power hides
In your weak and coward voice
Ooh, you’re pulling me down
But the guilt is off me now


How brave am I
How brave is
The heart I carry
How brave am I
How brave is the
Heart that beats inside