1. All This Time

From the recording Proper Goodbye

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All This Time
Lyrics by: Petrina Foley

I've been waiting here a long time
And I can't get it outta my head
I want this feeling to go
And I don't want you to know
All those words come back to haunt me
With the consequences so bold
Why didn't I just cut it off ...?

All this time I thought we had wasted
Learning the lessons only time could teach me
I never thought this life would ever grow old

In all honesty a wish list
I was hoping you would change
Instead of drowning me in dread and rage
I played your game
Couldn't wait around forever
With a thousand miles of space
I'd still be standing in the same place


I spoke the truth
Whether or not you believed me
It may take a lifetime to get through

You pushed on through
Whether or not you
Would hear me
Now the weight is all on you

Those words pull me now
They tug me, tug me
Yes they pull me slow ... Yes they pull me slow